Rebecca has an extensive acting career in Television, Radio and Theatre in both serious and comedic roles in The West End and National tours.

‘Rebecca Wheatley gives the most amazing performance and never once falters on her accent or physical demeanour. She is awkward and disturbed from the get go and more of Annie’s past and reason for behaviour is exposed as the play evolves. Wheatley gave a totally encompassing performance.’

Connaught Theatre Worthing.

Public Reviews. JENNIE DIXON

Misery, National Tour

Wheatley ..the protagonist, lurking in the shadows gives a menacing and powerful performance.. Her alarming mood swings and sadistic tendancies are chillingly executed. A marathon performance from a very capable actress.’

Remote Goat. JILL LAWRIE

‘Rebecca Wheatley delivers a broadly comedic turn as spinster Rachel Wardle and Mrs Leo Hunter. Her brilliant delivery of
the latter’s expiring frog song is an undoubted highlight
of the evening.’

Basingstoke Gazette.  JOANNE MACE


Rebecca Wheatley as Rachel Wardle/ Mrs Leo Hunter sails into port like a man o’ war with all guns blazing, manipulating and at the same time diluting all the rampaging testosterone-fuelled collective egos.

    She brings a Restoration comedy feel to the proceedings
with her own brand of witty asides as our merry band encounters duelling, elopement, bribery, fist-fights and ultimately poor old Pickwick being slung in the slammer for debt.’

Evesham Journal. JOHN PHILLPOTT

“Yet snatching the crown from both is Rebecca Wheatley as Bertha, the over -worked maid. A single look from Wheatley gets shoulders shaking by the end of it all and Wheatley’s performance across the play deftly creates a habit of our eyes searching for Bertha’s silent reactions to any given big moment, and every time, she delivers. Wheatley also gets a nice Mrs Doubtfire moment complete with disco lighting design from Keith Tuttle, just to cement her role as all-round comic gem.”


Always Time for Theatre

Pickwick Papers, National Tour


Harrogate Rep and Devonshire Park Theatre.

‘Rebecca Wheatley, best known as Amy
the receptionist from Casualty was naughtily brilliant as the feisty, short- tempered Deborah.’




Mum's the Word, National Tour

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“Best of all, is Rebecca Wheatley as the exasperated servant Bertha with a hilarious, three-dimensional performance of facial ticks and unfathomable mannerisms straight from League of Gentlemen.."

Harrogate Advertiser.